When will they be 10?

Odd title, right?  This was David’s response when I informed him my 2 skin biopsies came back “beeeeeeeeenign!”  Isn’t he cute :P  But yes, the biopsies came back benign, so I am thrilled! Now I just have to heal this two spots up so I can get back in the lake (wearing SPF 70 of course ;))

Today my nutrition blog broke down.  I am super bummed because I really love that blog.  The host site doesn’t know what is wrong and doesn’t know when it will be fixed.  No answers doesn’t make me a happy girl.  I should hear something back within 24-48 hours, but who knows how long it will take to actually fix.  Keep checking back www.ahealthysliceoflife.com, or keep an eye on this blog and I will let you know when it’s back up and running. I hope I don’t have to start from scratch!

I got my hair cut today.  I finally gave in and but about 3 inches off.  Gosh I wish I looked good with long hair, because I love it!  But short suits me better.  I love the new summer do!

Before- wavy and crazy!

And After!!

David also spent some time working on the boat yesterday.  He fixed part of it, but it still wasn’t water ready.

So he called to confirm our boat appointment with the shop on the 28th.  They confirmed it but had no promises as to when it would be ready.  They said it may take a couple of weeks.  Well, David didn’t like the sound of that, so after calling every boat/motor/engine/anything mechanical shop in the area, he found some guys in Denver that said they could fix it.  He towed the boat over there this afternoon.  Stay tuned… and keep your fingers crossed! ;)

We are watching our neighbor’s dog for the weekend.  Jessie and Koda are great friends!  They ran around outside for most of the day, then came in and crashed hard during nap time… aren’t they cute?

Now we are all just relaxing.  I’m baking a pizza (from scratch! this pizza) for dinner, and David is making some delicious martinis (to help ease the pain of my blog being MIA).  We rented a movie and are looking forward to a relaxing night at home.  Tomorrow we are hosting a wedding shower for Sarah and Dan.  We are expecting 40 (FORTY!!) people.  I am really looking forward to it and promise to take pictures!

That’s all for now!  One last look at the new ‘do… although it’s already a little messy ;)

  1. britt…hair looks great!! i’ll miss not talking to you for 5 big days! hope the party goes well although I am sure everyone will have a great time at your beautiful house! have a great weekend love you!

  2. Great hair on a very lovely young woman!

  3. Cute hair. I wish I could straighten mine. I asked my hair stylist to move in with me and told him what time I get ready but shockingly he hasn’t shown up yet….

    Have to admit it I had to re-read the title and “beniiiign” like three times before I got it. :) Glad there is nothing to worry about.

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